RE: Table row heights

Subject: RE: Table row heights
From: Yan Sorkin <Yan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 10:37:09 +0200
Fixed row height is a feature that causes the problem.

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	The following problem has been brought to my attention.  If you
	enlarge the size of the font used in a table cell, the table
	cell height does not expand to accommodate the increased height
	of the text.  Instead the text gets chopped of.

	A few questions:

	1. Is this a bug in RTF or the RTF backend, or is this a
	   Is it unreasonable to expect the cell height to expand to 
	   accomodate the size of the objects in it?  (Should it expand,
	   and does the fact that it doesn't indicate that I've got a
	   of characteristic values that's preventing it---such as a
fixed row

	2. Do the cell-before-row-margin and cell-after-row-margin 
	   characteristics of the table-cell flow object offer the only
	   way to adjust the size? 

	3. If so, what do you suggest that I do in the DocBook
	   Look for a PI in the cell or row?


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