Re: Troff / man pages from Jade

Subject: Re: Troff / man pages from Jade
From: Brandon Ibach <bibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 16:17:39 -0500 (CDT)
Norman Walsh said:
> | Second, where might we
> | find some good mappings of Docbook markup to troff?  I've looked at
> | the GMAT package, but find two possible problems.  First, it uses the
> | "three letter macros" in it's mappings, and I was unable to locate
> | this macro package.  Second, it seems to produce (after processing out
> | the three letter macros) straight troff, and we'd really need output
> | which utilizes the man macro package.  Any ideas?
> I don't think gmat will ever be a viable option.  If you want
> the three letter macros, I'm sure I can get a copy for you (I
> wrote most of gmat when I was at O'Reilly).
> --norm
Hi, Norm...
   Actually, I was hoping to hear from you on this, as I knew you were
behind GMAT.  (In fact, between you, James Clark, and all the other
very knowledgable people I've seen posting here, I've been kicking
myself for waiting so long to tap into this list!)
   What I had in mind was to use the mappings that GMAT utilizes to
build a Jade/SGML backend solution, as outlined in the message.  If
you were to find a copy of the three letter macros, I'd be grateful
for a copy (via mail, if that works).
   In more general terms, what does everyone think would work for a
general troff/groff solution?  My thought is that something similar to
what's being done with the TeX backend would make sense, as it would
allow for different mappings of the generic macros, thus providing
flexibility to use different troff macro packages, etc.  For instance,
one set of mappings to produce a nice, hardcopy manual, and a
different set for producing online man pages.
   Comments, suggestions, etc?

-Brandon :)

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