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From: "Didier PH Martin" <martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 19:52:52 -0400
Hi Jack,

You're Right on the first point. the version 1 do not support HTTP but -
version 2 does -. As well as FTP and gopher or any other protocols added to
the browser. This new version is due soon.

The second point is false. Even with version 1 you can render either in HTML
mode - this means that DSSSL formatting objects are transformed into HTML +
CSS, or,  transformed into RTF using Word as document handler (in the
browser).You can also use Tony's library and HTML formatting object which
are obviouly mapped to HTML objects. This library is quite powerful because
it compensate for DSSSL weakness such as support for forms. With Tony's
library you can tranform SGML or XML elements into HTML forms. Tony's
library is fully supported in Talva's SGML/XML Kit.

So, the rendition format that is the most adapted to the web is HTML+CSS
formatting. I personnaly prefer Tony's library because the code is more
readable and also because it is feasible to add new formatting objects.
Also, because it adds the form object which DSSSL lacks.

For more info read: (explain
HTML+CSS formatting using the SGML/XML Kit for IE) (explain Tony's library) (explain the kit internals)

Version 2 is still in test but should be released soon. Version 2 will
include a DSSSL and a omnimark engine. This then means that within IE you'll
be able to render with  XSL, DSSSL, CSS and omnimark. The following
Processing instructions are supported:

<?xml-stylesheet href="MyScript.dsl" type="text/dsssl" media="screen"?>
output is HTML and uses the DSSSL engine
<?xml-stylesheet href="MyScript.css" type="text/css" ?> output is formatted
XML ( and uses the CSS engine)
<?xml-stylesheet href="Myscript.xsl" type="text/xsl" ?> output is HTML (and
uses the XSL engine)
<?xml-stylesheet href="Myscript.omn" type"text/omnimark" media="screen"?>
Output is HTML (and uses the Omnimark engine)

Didier PH Martin

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> You mean "if DSSSL is not bundled with IE" I guess. Because actually IE
> render SGML and XML with DSSSL with the SGML/XML kit. However the package
> not bundled with IE as is CSS and XSL. However it may be bundled with
> Mozilla :-)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but as I understand it, SGML/XML kit does not
support HTTP.  What's more it uses Jade/RTF with MS Word Reader acually
rendering the document within the browser window.  Very cute, but not a
mainstream app.

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