Re: About Constructions rules

Subject: Re: About Constructions rules
From: Matthias Clasen <clasen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 23:18:24 +0200
> This means that the rule is called, at most, once per grove per mode. If any
> thrashing about is to be done, you have to specify it explicitly. And of
> course it can be done lazily.

The list of nodes which match the query has to be constructed only once,
but you have to decide for every node you process if it is on the list.
But there might be ways to make this cheaper: One idea would be to associate
the list of matching query rules directly to the node once it is constructed.
When processing a node, you would then first check if it has matching
query rules attached. If yes, you use the most specific one, otherwise
find the applicable rule as before.
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