RE: About XML to multiple language/multiple outputs

Subject: RE: About XML to multiple language/multiple outputs
From: "Didier PH Martin" <martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 12:36:35 -0400
Hi Matthias,

Matthias said:
The situation is better than you think, Didier. What you say was
true for dsc 1.0, I think. But the README for dsc 2.0 says:

  This package provides an offline syntax checker for DSSSL style and
  transform specifications.  It maps from specification bodies
  (i.e. sequences of expression language forms) to a reordered
  normalised form thereof, suitable for subsequent implementation.

  It provides an interpreted environment for exploring DSSSL code.

  It provides a proof-of-concept implementation of the DSSSL
  transformation language.

The data/ subdir contains some examples of transformation-specifications,
but I must admit that I have not tried any transformations yet, since I
didn't succeed in building dsc under RH 6.0 (I didn't try very hard though).

Didier says:
You have a point here. What we need now is someone who has been able to
compile it and transform a document (an input file) into a new document (an
output file). Brandon, where you able to compile DSC-2.0? If yes, can you
test this:

a) have a SGML document (because it is based on SP we can deduce we can
process XML documents too) to be processed
b) have a transformation script

Both of these conditions are met with the sample included with the package.

c) run DSC-2.0 and transform the document into a new document.
d) post or send to us 1) the original document, 2) the script, 3) the
transformed document.

If we are able to go up to (d), then we'll use this environement to test
some documentation transformation and if possible ask help from some members
of this list so that we can have a good pool of transformation
experimentations and hopefully a good discussion to feed the needs probe
step of our process.

Thanks Matthias,

Didier PH Martin

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