[jats-list] use of <issue-title> (publishing dtd)

Subject: [jats-list] use of <issue-title> (publishing dtd)
From: Mike Eden <meden@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 15:53:27 +0100

Can I ask users/developers if they consider all publications as being 
issues? I ask because we have several publications that publish as Volume 
only (each publication being a volume) and indeed we have several annuals 
which also only declare a volume number on the cover. In these cases, I 
feel it would be useful to have a <volume-title> element. 

I am assuming that by the fact that there is no such element, other users 
and the developers are taking the word "issue" here to mean publication as 
opposed to the break down of a volume into defined publishable parts. If 
this is the case then are the same people coding a value always for 
<issue> even if it is not identified in the publication (i.e. volume only 

Mike Eden

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