[jats-list] Tagging user facility support - ORCID Working Group question

Subject: [jats-list] Tagging user facility support - ORCID Working Group question
From: "Mark Doyle doyle@xxxxxxx" <jats-list-service@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2017 21:28:25 -0000
Dear all,

I am part of an ORCID working group that is working with publishers and US
Department of Agency national labs that provide researchers with access to
user facilities run by the DOE. The goal is to try and better track the
publications that result from research conducted at these facilities. You
can learn more about this effort at https://orcid.org/about/community. One
of the questions that has arisen in our discussions is how might we best
accomplish the tagging of this type of support, which is distinct from
direct monetary funding. Before submitting a request for a change in JATS,
the group has asked me to consult here.

The main concern is whether user facility usage, which does have to go
through a request/approval process and gets an award number, should be
considered semantically the same as "funding." Also, I have explicitly
cc'ed Chuck from Crossref because we also have concerns about how this
might work when publishers deposit metadata using JATS.

1) So one option is to simply use <funding-group> and include an agreed
upon new value for the award-type attribute on <award-group>, something

  <award-group award-type="grant">
    <funding-source country="US">National Science
    <award-id>NSF DBI-0317510</award-id>
  <award-group award-type="facility-support">
    <funding-source country="US">Spallation Neutron Source</funding-source>
    <award-id>SPS 12345</award-id>

This solution doesn't require a change to JATS, but may require additional
facilities added to the Crossref Open Funder Registry.

2) Another solution would be to introduce a new container element and new
tags that are more specific to research facilities and non-monetary group
to avoid the semantic confusion over the term "funding". For example, new
(not fully thought out) tags could be <research-facility-group>,
<user-facility>, and/or <facility-award>, etc.

This has the advantage of strongly identifying the semantics of the
information and perhaps could be made general enough to support other kinds
of non-monetary support. This would of course require new tags to be
introduced into JATS.

3) Another possibility that was discussed was to somehow incorporate this
information using affiliation tagging, but the working group consensus was
that this wasn't a good approach.

It would be helpful to have some feedback on options 1 and 2 (or other
suggestions!) so that the working group could make a strong recommendation,
if needed, to the JATS Standing Committee.

Thanks for considering.

Best regards,

Mark Doyle
Chief Information Officer
American Physical Society

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