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Subject: RE: Style vs. transformation
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Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 10:18:19 +1000
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	David Megginson said:
	It's certainly an interesting idea.  Here's one possible syntax
for a
	rule that would transform <para>...</para> to <P x="y">...</P>:

	    <target-element type="para"/>
	    <xml-element type="P">
		<xml-attribute name="x" value="y"/>


But I thought that what aren't action commands such as '<children/>' WAS
OUTPUT and thus an easy means to do a translation.

Perhaps I'm a little confused about XSL after reading the Microsoft
tutorial (

I thought that the actions were an output.  Here's what Lesson #5 says

The XSL:


would turn:

    <title>XSL Overview</title>
    <topic>Overview of XSL and its extensibility</topic>


  <DIV>XSL Overview</DIV>
  <DIV>Overview of XSL and its extensibility</DIV>

And thus the action consisted of action commands such as '<children/>',
and things that were sent to the output stream such as '<DIV>' and
'</DIV>' in this case.  Maybe what Microsoft was talking about was
directly connected to their XSL parser which they said only delivered
HTML (currently).

Maybe the <DIV> is also an action command (?).  

My problem could be that I use Omnimark for SGML translations and so am
used to the idea of outputing such-and-such upon element X:

element document
    output "<DIV>%c</DIV>"

or in the case of the above rule:

element #implied
    output "<DIV>%c</DIV>"

The question posed from looking at Omnimark is why use XML as the XSL
script, where I see a problem with understanding what are actions and
what is the output (Question - is <DIV> different to <children/>?)?  I
had a go at learning DSSSL but haven't given it enough of a go as it
seems oh so complicated.  XSL seems much simpler though obviously (for
me) it causes confusion.  

Could someone clear up this confusion, I'd be most grateful.


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