Re: XSL Trans

Subject: Re: XSL Trans
From: Daniel Glazman <Daniel.Glazman@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 09:16:45 +0100
Paul Prescod wrote:

> An extreme example is a stylesheet that
> removes information. How can you edit documents that use this stylesheet
> in a "WYSIWYG" view?  Clearly we are going to need different stylesheets
> (and perhaps a different stylesheet *language*) for word processors.

[ A stylesheet never removes information. A stylesheet may define a null ]
[ rendering for a given substructure. It makes a slight but important    ]
[ difference.                                                            ]

2 stylesheets ? Why not ? And so what ? Grif for instance already did that
ten years ago ! CSS linking mechanism into HTML also offers this possibility.

To answer your point : if stylesheet or transformation rules make unavailable for
editing purpose a subtree, this subtree must not be edited in a wysiwyg
environment. If author wants to provide a way to edit this subtree, *he* has to
adapt transformations/styles according to this need. Providing two different
stylesheets is a common answer to the problem.

All MsWord users already do that : if you insert columns in a text, you have to
switch to paginated mode to see them in wysiwyg.


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