XSL editor ????

Subject: XSL editor ????
From: Éric Riblair <eriblair@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 15:08:03 -0500

To establish the context I work with the XSL-server side of microsoft ...
and the site is not complete (in examples ...) and I take a lot of time to
write some codes ...

Can somebody help me to find a way to write xsl syntax ... an editor or
some good examples will be helpfull !!!

In the mean time ... I have another question ... If I want to pass more
than argument to an asp file that hold an xml and a xsl file to produce an
html file ... I think that I can treat it with the selectNodes method ...
that is true ??? and if it not how ???

Thanks for any help,

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