RE: Still a Newbie , Still got questions

Subject: RE: Still a Newbie , Still got questions
From: "Markor, John (Non-HP)" <jmarkor@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 11:50:37 -0800
Amen for HomeSite 4.  Its probably the best editor out there for the money
(Under $100 US). I'm using it to prototype XML docs to the Voyager DTDs, and
find that it works great for that purpose.

I've actually been thinking of sitting down and making custom tags for the
editor, but haven't gotten around to it yet. That way I can use it to
validate the structure. As a workaround, I use Dave Raggett's Tidy program,
and then use Omnimark LE to clean up the code from there.  Tidy and Omnimark
LE are all free tools available on the web.

I signed up for the Beta test of XMetal, but haven't heard anything from
them as of yet.  Does anyone know if the Beta program has started yet?

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Hi Carlton.

I'm sure somebody will correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I'm aware
there are as yet no visual XSL editors out there, and at a guess there
likely to be any until Summer of next year.

XML editors are starting to appear, but nothing close to what I'm guessing
you would be after.

the only product on the horizon that might be relevent to you would be
SoftQuads XMetal. If you get yourself over to their Website they have a
form up for beta applications.

If you do hear of anything out there, I'd appreciate a shout.

Personaly I'm just hacking together code in Homesite 4. It doesn't offer
anything specific for XML/XSL, but I find it to be a nice working
environment, and as I'm prototyping in IE5 the quick preview is handy. If
you where preparing for large scale development in a team, HS4 does have
it's own mark-up language, object model etc., which allows the creation of
custom dialogues, wizards etc., that might go some way to making life
easier for developers.

One of the stated aims of the XSL WG is to be considerate of editors (I
forget the exact wording), so one would hope that we should wind up with
some nifty tools in the future. Certainly it would be reasonable to
prototype templates visually when you consider the likes of MacroMedia
DreamWeaver and NetObjects Fusion, and it's these two guys I'd be quizzing
over their intent.

     Guy J Murphy
     Web Developer
     The Dialog Corporation plc.

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I  am concerned mainly with transformation from XML->HTML. Are there any
Visual (or nearly visual) XSL programs?

Carlton E. Noles

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