RE: Why Doesn't IE5 use the DTD to Validate?

Subject: RE: Why Doesn't IE5 use the DTD to Validate?
From: "Jelks Cabaniss" <jelks@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 14:58:37 -0500
Jonathan Marsh <jmarsh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The only scenario we could come up with where validation is useful when
> browsing XML documents is when the browser is used as a development tool,
> allowing easy checking of well-formedness and validation for a document in
> progress.  This scenario can be accomplished by a number of alternative
> mechanisms without impacting the browsing experience - a simple tool that
> validates an XML document could be written in a few lines of JavaScript, see
> lt.asp for an example.

We will find it slightly more convenient when you add an "Internet Tools |
Validate Document" menu option (and button) when a DTD or schema is detected ...

> We considered several mechanisms for allowing developers to "turn on"
> validation errors but did not find a clean solution that could be
> implemented in time for the IE5 release.

PLEASE add it in the .01 release (along with the CSS bug fixes -- in particular
for making declared entities visible :)!


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