Re: XPDL (was Re: XML is broken)

Subject: Re: XPDL (was Re: XML is broken)
From: Paul Prescod <paul@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999 19:42:11 -0500
Ed Nixon wrote:
> I keep waiting for someone to ask the (perhaps stupid) question: "Is this
> 'problem' not something that RDF is designed or at least capable of dealing
> with?" I have been conditioned to think of RDF as a kind of super-DTD but
> obviously it is more general and more malleable.
> Why not?

RDF could never drive an XML editor. It has no concept of content models,
attribute values, etc. The data model it validates is way too far away
from the model that authors work with.

Outside of the "authored" sphere -- maybe it would be good enough. Is
there any tool that validates RDF schemas?

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