Re: xlxp-dev: XSL and editing tools

Subject: Re: xlxp-dev: XSL and editing tools
From: Paul Prescod <paul@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 11:35:05 -0500
Kay Michael wrote:
> I think the real problem is that XLink as currently conceived has a lot of
> presentation semantics. In XML I usually represent relationships using
> database-style foreign keys rather than XLink-style URLs, and I regard it as
> a function of the rendering process to translate these foreign keys into
> navigable hyperlinks where appropriate.

I agree with everything you say.  I don't think that it addresses the
point of the post, however. Links are not the problem. Editing a
transformed view of a document is the problem. It isn't at all clear how
edits in the view are translated back into edits in the source document.
Suppose I add an element to a sorted list -- in the sorted view. Where in
the unsorted source document does that element appear? Suppose I add an
element at the point where a some element has been suppressed. Does the
new element go before or after the suppressed element? etc.

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