Re: XSL is difficult to...?

Subject: Re: XSL is difficult to...?
From: "Don Park" <donpark@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 01:28:17 -0700
> Do you actually have any hard evidence that short abbreviated names are
> easier to remember? It can be equally argued that long, non-abbreviated
> names are easier to remember and more readable.

I do not have any hard evidence other than a personal one.  Taking an
extreme example, I am more likely to remember "James" as a person's name
than "James-Freeware-King".  I find TD more recognizable and handier than
table-data.  I can remember and recognize all the TABLE subelements because
they all start with the letter T.  HTML tag names are more modular and more
memorable even though names are often abbreviated.

Other than long names, I feel that often used names should be shorter.
'apply-templates', for example, is used quite frequently yet they are placed
at the same level of importance with 'apply-imports'.  Why not use 'apply'
to mean 'apply-templates' and use 'apply-imports' as the variation or use an
attribute to indicate 'apply-imports' variation?  Same thing with
'preserve-space' and 'strip-space'.  Why not combine the two into a single
'space' tag that declares all whitespace related declarations?

Finally, I must point out that you are not the intended audience of XSL
either.  No insult intended.



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