Re: Resolving ENTITY attributes

Subject: Re: Resolving ENTITY attributes
From: James Clark <jjc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 01 May 1999 09:31:40 +0700
Rick Geimer wrote:
> This is rather depressing, especially for the semiconductor industry,
> since every company that I know of uses entity attributes for graphics,
> according to the ECIX standard (the standard formerly known as
> Pinnacles).
> This seems like a major oversight to me. This may be an example of the
> standards committee getting insufficient feedback from implementers,
> because I'm sure that there are many industries that use entity
> attributes for this purpose.
> Could we get a show of hands to see how many people require this
> functionality?

More useful would be a list of public XML applications (preferably with
URLs for further information) that use ENTITY attributes.  Are there any
XML applications that use ENTITY attributes that aren't just XMLified
versions of SGML applications?


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