RE: Netscape support for XSL Stylesheets

Subject: RE: Netscape support for XSL Stylesheets
From: "McKisson, Shawn" <mckisss@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 15:43:46 -0500
Excerpt from mozilla FAQ:

What is Gecko? 
Gecko is Netscape's revolutionary next-generation browser engine based
entirely on open Internet standards such as HTML 4.0, CSS 1/2, XML 1.0, and
the W3C Document Object Model. Gecko also includes a set of complementary
browser components that work alongside the layout engine to form the
founding platform of Netscape's next generation Web browser. Gecko is
currently under development. Gecko has been known previously by the code
names "Raptor"  and "NGLayout"; the new name was chosen following a
trademark infringement dispute. 

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Subject: Re: Netscape support for XSL Stylesheets

At 02:43 PM 8/13/1999 -0400, Keith Visco wrote:
>There are people working on this at Mozilla. They have my current C++
>source code for MITRE's TransforMiiX (TM) XSL processor, and are
>evaluating it for inclusion into the Mozilla project. This is not
>official, and it will be up to them if they decide to use it or not.

Thanks, Keith -- if they go with it, this is *very* good news!

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