Re: XSL FO Validator. Online service.

Subject: Re: XSL FO Validator. Online service.
From: "Paul Tchistopolskii" <paul@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 1999 23:32:24 -0700
It seems that I have not answer the original question.
I thought that  'Thread' document ( published on explains everything about FO Validator.
> Paul - what is a validating DTD? 
The DTD from XSL WD is *not* validating, but it is 'illustrative'
( see 'Thread' document ).
> And what is the DTD validating against?
DTD is used to validate a structure of  XSL FO stream. .fo file -
not the xsl stylesheet which was / is used to create that .fo file.
  Shouldn't this refer to some sort of a validating parser?
At the first step FO Validator invokes XML4J to validate a stream
of FOs with our 'validating' DTD.
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