RE: Media, charset, title attributes for xsl-stylesheet PI

Subject: RE: Media, charset, title attributes for xsl-stylesheet PI
From: "White, David" <David.White@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 11:47:13 +0200
Something I would like is a means of indicating the target media type of the
referenced stylesheet; there are good arguments for letting this be the MIME
type of the resulting output.

Perhaps something like an "output-type" pseudoattribute would do the job.

Just my $.02...

David White
Connect Austria

James Clark wrote:
> "Paul W. Abrahams" wrote:
> > The semantics of the xsl-stylesheet processing instruction 
> appear to be
> > derived from HTML used with CSS.  The pseudo-attributes of 
> that PI are
> > `type', `href', `title', `media', `charset', and `alternate'.  It's
> > clear to me now how `type' and `href' are used with XSLT 
> stylesheets:
> > `type' should have the value ``text/xsl''
> That hasn't been decided yet.
> > and `href' should point to the
> > XSLT stylesheet file.
> > 
> > But what is not clear is what significance if any the rest of the
> > pseudo-attributes have or even might have for XSLT.    I've played
> > around with IE5, which seems to silently ignore them.   
> It's possible
> > that `title' and `alternate' would be used by a user agent 
> to select a
> > stylesheet, I suppose,
> Yes: the user agent can use them to allow a user to select between
> multiple stylesheets.
> > but the CSS cascade isn't applicable to XSLT.
> XSLT can blend together multiple stylesheets.  The obvious 
> way to apply
> a sequence of XSLT stylesheets A.xsl, B.xsl, C.xsl is to treat it as
> equivalent to applying a single stylesheet that imports A.xsl, then
> B.xsl, then C.xsl.
> > And given that XSLT is one level removed from its result 
> namespace, I
> > can't see how `media' or `charset' would apply at all.
> charset is not useful for XSLT because XSLT uses the standard 
> XML way of
> specifying the charset of the stylesheet. media allows you have to
> specify different stylesheets for different media (ie one 
> stylesheet for
> print and one for screen).
> James
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