RE: step code to XML???

Subject: RE: step code to XML???
From: "Earl Bingham" <earl@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 12:26:47 -0700
In java I would suggest looking into James Clarks code
for XMLHandler class: and then
you can use the java.util.StringTokenizer object to
get each line and then placing it into your own tags.

- Earl

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Subject:	step code to XML???

Hi all,

I need to convert the following step code into an XML file.
I am not very familiar with XSL and XML and I don't know if it possible to
tranform something with no tags in it.

ENTITY buffer_gas_system SUBTYPE OF (plant_item)
        ABSTRACT SUPERTYPE OF (centrifugal_compressor);

ENTITY material_transfer_equipment SUBTYPE OF (process_equipment)
        ABSTRACT SUPERTYPE OF (fluid_transfer_machine);
        material_transfer_equipment_type : STRING;

If I can't do it using XSL is there any other way??
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanx in advance


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