stylesheet woes

Subject: stylesheet woes
From: Greg Bylenok <gbylenok@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 1999 00:38:36 -0700

I'm hoping a few of you experts can help me with this problem.
I've written an XSL stylesheet that works fine for small files but is
blowing up on larger files. Is this more likely a problem with my
stylesheet or the XSL processor I am using? Any suggestions or
techniques for overcoming this problem?

Using IBM's latest LotusXSL processor, I recorded the following
transformation times:
22Kb file took 1 sec
75Kb file took 88 sec
107Kb file took 963 sec

The hierarchy I'm trying to transform is much broader than it is deep
(many branches off the root node, only three or four levels deep in
places). The number of branches off the root node grows pretty much
linearly with the file size. Thus, a 22Kb file has about 22 branches off

the root node, etc...

I'd like to be able to transform a 2Mb file without growing old. Any
help would be greatly appreciated.

- Greg

Here are the details on what I'm trying to do:

My source file is a poorly structured SGML document which looks
something like this:


I'm simply trying to convert this into an HTML table, with each <hw/>
and <def/> in its own successive row. I'm using a call like this:

        <xsl:template match="words">

where the "hw" template and the "def" templates simply insert a row into

the table.

Just as the source tree is very broad, the result tree will likewise be
broad. Curiously, using IBM's XSLTrace utility, it almost appears that
the processor loops through all the existing rows before inserting the
row. I haven't stepped through the code, though, so for now this is an
unverified hunch.

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