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Subject: Re: OT: XML Server dream
From: uche.ogbuji@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 11:20:31 -0600
> However, I am losing some of the benefits I had using a RDBMS
> (PostgreSQL) and I wonder if it wouldn't be possible to combine XML/XSL
> with a server approach.
> By server, I mean a process which would store XML documents not
> necessarily in their text format, cache a domlike structure and manage
> all the concurrency issues (yes, I mean transactional XML...).
> This server should be capable to process queries written in XSL-T, but
> also to process update statements (maybe as XSL extensions) and
> administration commands.
> It would be for XML data and XSL processing, what RDBMS are for
> relational data and SQL.
> I have done some research on the web and I have found many documents
> about "XML servers", but none of them seems to match with what I mean.
> Is my dream stupid or not feasible ?
> If not, are you aware of any Open Source project going in this direction

This is exactly the direction in which our 4Suite tools are heading.  We have 
released the DOM library and the XSLT/XPath processors.  We are now working on 
releasing an ODMG object database system with extensions for direct XML 
support, providing a DOM and XQL interface, and associated XSLT stylesheets.  
It will be open-source when we release it, which should be mid next month, 
although the first release probably won't have all the XML features.

Please let us know whether you'll be ineterested in early releases when it 
comes out because we probably won't be announcing it to this list right off 
the bat (unless we get all the XSLT integration in at first, which is 

Menawhile, if you really need something _now_ and it doesn't have to be 
open-source, eXcelon and Oracle might be worth a glance.

Uche Ogbuji
FourThought LLC, IT Consultants
uche.ogbuji@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx	(970)481-0805
Software engineering, project management, Intranets and Extranets

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