Using xt with IIS and ASP

Subject: Using xt with IIS and ASP
From: "James" <jgb@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 08:35:33 -0700
Hi. I'm looking to use Microsoft's IIS web server to take XML files,
transform them on the server with XSL, and send HTML down to the browser.
I'd rather stick to the most currnet XSLT draft and use James Clark's xt (if

Has anybody done this, perhaps by calling the xt java classes as OLE
servers, or by using the Win32 "instant xt" as a cgi-bin program. Is the
method even possible?

Are there other XSL processers that conform to the curent spec and can play
with IIS, or be nicely called from a VB object?

Thanks for any help!


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