MIF output from XT

Subject: MIF output from XT
From: sotiris@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 15:14:29 +0300
Hi everyone,

I a new to XML and XT.  I am using ME IE5 XML functionality.  I am trying
to transform XML to MIF using XT.  MIF uses the angle brackets but it is
not valid XML.

In my XT code is use &lt and &gt to represent the MIF brackets, otherwise
it will not parse.  In the generated transformation, however, the &lt and
&gt remain so.  Therefore, instead of getting the expected output:

     <MIFFile 5.0>

I get:

     &gt;MIFFile 5.0&lt;

IE5 does not support the xsl:text functionality.  Does anyone know how I
can generate the correct output?

Sotiris Georgiou

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