Fancy XML Tree Viewer updated

Subject: Fancy XML Tree Viewer updated
From: Mike Brown <mbrown@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 10:45:47 -0700
I updated my demo stylesheets at to conform to the
Oct 8 XSLT and XPath Proposed Recommendations. I also made a slight
modification to the code and comments in the tree viewer stylesheet which I
hope addresses a bug that I observed a while ago but haven't been able to
reproduce. Please report any erratic behavior to me.

Fancy XML Tree Viewer
Latest version: 3.4 (08 Nov 1999)

Fancy XML Tree Viewer shows the node structure of an XML document in the
form of colorful HTML tables and bulleted lists. There are different ways of
representing what's in an XML document. This particular model is what is
used by XSLT and is prescribed by Section 5 of the XPath proposed
recommendation. Netscape users please note that the released versions of
Navigator usually can't view the output HTML (Navigator's rendering engine
has trouble with deeply nested lists and structures).

Newline to <br> Transformation Demo
Latest version: 1.1 (08 Nov 1999)

When emitting HTML, one may wish to have a sequence of character data
replaced with an element. A common example of this would be the translation
of newline characters to <br> tags. This demo shows a way to accomplish this
transformation. Note that the "transformation" that occurs is actually the
construction of a result tree fragment that contains alternating text and
element nodes, based on the content of the original string.

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