Re: Extended file extentions (XfeX) for xml/xsl files

Subject: Re: Extended file extentions (XfeX) for xml/xsl files
From: Stefano Mazzocchi <stefano@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 13:01:19 +0100
James Tauber wrote:
> >   filename[.input_doctype][.output_format].xsl
> I like this. Is there any reason to use "." as the delimiter, though?
> I wonder if it might be clearer if a different delimiter was used.

Good point.

Choices are

 single chars:

   "."    standard.xmlspec.html.xsl
   "-"    standard-xmlspec-html.xsl
   "_"    standard_xmlspec_html.xsl 
   "@"    standard@xmlspec@html.xsl

 more complex char names

  "[]"   standard.[xmlspec][html].xsl
  "{-}"  standard.{xmlspec-html}.xsl

What are your comments? (please, let's not get too religious about this,
let's come up with real arguments, not personal esthetic reasons only)
Keep in mind that this is not mandating in any way. I was trying to get
your comments out of good practices to allow easier information

> For example, the xmlspec to fo xslt I posted yesterday had the filename
> xmlspec-fo.xsl
> I don't really have a strong opinion, it was just my first reaction.

I totally understand. This is why I brought this up: there are not many
xsl stylesheets floating around (yet!), so the early we come up with a
clean pattern for naming them, the more easier is to understand how
things work.

Am I wrong?

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Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

> I think so, because I want a replacement for TeX, and without math FOP
> will just be a toy, for scientific publishing. But it may well be that
> MathML can be done as a transformation to SVG

This is a great idea!

Do you think it would be possible to design a MathML -> SVG XSLT
transformation sheet?

In fact, this is what it is: you "style" your math structure using a
graphic format. So you could even have your own math style.


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