Re: Feeding DOMs to XSLT Processors

Subject: Re: Feeding DOMs to XSLT Processors
From: "Steve Muench" <smuench@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 14:38:17 -0800
| Oracle's XML Parser for Java uses a somewhat customized version of 
| the DOM.  Xalan and XT appear to use standard DOMs, but we'll have 
| to modify the source classes a little because their pre- and/or 
| post-processing logic isn't all publicly  accessible.  And, 
| for several reasons, that's not something with which we're entirely
| comfortable.  

This is not true. We fully support the standard DOM interfaces
as well as provide (in our concrete implementations of
those interfaces) added value methods that developers
have asked for like:

  -> print()         Print a node and its descendants
  -> selectNodes()   Query node and its descendants using XPath
  -> transformNode() Transform node and its descendantsusing XSLT
  -> valueOf()       Evaluate XPath expression with respect to node

If you parse an in-memory DOM Document, you can 
transform it using our Oracle XSLT XSLProcessor engine.

Steve Muench, Consulting Product Manager & XML Evangelist
Business Components for Java Development Team

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