RE: XML/XSL test-drive?

Subject: RE: XML/XSL test-drive?
From: "Arnold, Curt" <Curt.Arnold@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 11:35:41 -0700
I think one of the key enablers would be to get XML Schema
validation to the point where it can validate XSLT
with literal result elements.  The last draft had a "processContents"
attribute on the <any> content that might allow you to
make the validation on literal result elements loose enough
to allow "good" XSLT to pass validation.

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Subject: XML/XSL test-drive?

Recently, our XML/XSL based project has suffered some of the drawbacks of
disperate server OS's, environments, and XML parsers.  Certain characters
are getting munged, others are accepted or rejected parser by parser, and so
on.  This experience has given me a thought...

Would there be interest in setting up some form of XML/XSL(T) test-drive
network?  What I mean is a loosly organized set of open servers running the
various XML/XSL(T) parsers on differnet systems with a common web-based
front-end.  (I've not put too much thought into it yet...)

What I imagine is some form of common input/output mechanism(s) to take a
user's XML and XSL, run it, and spit out the results.  One possible approach
would be to use the same method as the W3C's Validator machine - put your
XML and XSL on any publically accessable HTTP server, and feed the "machine"
the web addresses.  Or we could do file uploads with multipart encoded
forms, etc, etc.

Any thoughts?  Would anyone else out there be interested in contributing to
such a design and implementation?

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