RE: Rant : "Microsoft is compliant with the XSL spec"

Subject: RE: Rant : "Microsoft is compliant with the XSL spec"
From: Jon Ceanfaglione <Jcean@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 10:31:39 -0400
Title: RE: Rant : "Microsoft is compliant with the XSL spec"


Isn't this issue with MS a little old?  We all know there are things MS doesn't do right.  Hell, every vendor does things to suit their own agenda.  You mean to tell me that Sun didn't play their own game when they released 10 different versions of Java before settling recently on J2EE?  Right now, one of the most promising things about MSXML is how tightly it integrates with their development platform.  And you can always go get another XML API to substitute for MSXML.  Infact, when it's all said and done, we will have a clearly divided line between vendors and platforms, Microsoft and COM vs. Java and the rest of the vendors.  It's up to everyone in the developer community to make educated decisions about which vendors and products they use.  Like Richard said, don't use MS products if you don't like them.  Personally I like them.  And with the Biztalk steering organization seating members like Ariba, CommerceOne, RosettaNet, and CommerceNet -- I think well see full W3C compliance soon.

Just my two cents.

Jon Ceanfaglione

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Subject: Re: Rant : "Microsoft is compliant with the XSL spec"

So far this list has been a great help to me, mainly thanks to the patience
of usual repliers. If it is going to degenerate into another Microsoft
bashing zone then I'm out. Frankly, the amount of time and energy spent by
developers in this organisation, and I am sure many others, exchanging petty
digs @ Microsoft is scandalous. Look it's easy ... if you don't like
Microsoft's products don't use them. You know their parser isn't fully
compliant with the spec right now, so you don't need to go to a conference
to find that out and then whinge about it. Otherwise, you can hardly blame a
commercial organisation for writing software that allows users to tightly
couple it with their existing products. My own feeling is that although
Microsoft were a little late into XML, the speed at which they are pushing
things is scary and the implementation of the spec issue, which appears to
effect pretty much all major software vendors to some extent or another,
will soon be behind us.

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