Driving XSL based on WAP phone characteristics

Subject: Driving XSL based on WAP phone characteristics
From: Neill James <James.Neill@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 11:49:57 +0100
The wapforum body is looking at extending the scope of what is effectively
the HTTP_USER_AGENT header field to include more structured information
about the functional capabilities and physical characteristics of WAP based
mobile devices (eg, screen height, colour availability, font availability).

Has anybody looked at how these characteristics can be used to drive an XSL
style sheet to deliver an XML transformation that provides a good look and
feel for any WAP device (for which the characteristics are known)?

Do you reckon this is just a pipe dream. Or is the only option to do
seperate XSL files to deliver XML content for each WAP device that is
distinct from the next. For me, this sounds like a nightmare as there are so
many device types out there - and more to come.


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