outputting an internal subset (was: feature request)

Subject: outputting an internal subset (was: feature request)
From: "DuCharme, Robert" <Robert.DuCharme@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 11:44:19 -0400
>xsl:output permits me to specify the doctype-public and
>doctype-system, but it doesn't allow me to specify
>any internal dtd additions (I'm particularly thinking of 
>entity additions).

I agree. After years of Omnimark programming, I can say that when outputting
a specialized version of an SGML or XML document, it's not unusual for part
of that specialization to be an internal subset of declarations for the
document. It would be nice to have an XSLT method for doing this that is
more elegant than resorting to disable-output-escaping.

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