Re: Documenting xsl code.

Subject: Re: Documenting xsl code.
From: "Imran Rashid" <imranr@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 14:31:17 -0500
> Three files below.
> 1. A 'self documented stylesheet' (doc.xsl)
> 2. A stylesheet (doc-doc.xsl), which works on doc.xsl
>     to extract the documentation in the doc namespace
> 3. A stylesheet doc-logic.xsl, which works on the doc.xsl
>    to extract the code.

I completely defer to the decision of the gurus, but I prefered the approach
using doc: extension elements and xsl:fallback in doc.xsl.

that way, you don't need to preprocess doc.xsl with doc-logic.xsl to get a
usable stylesheet.  You could just use doc.xsl.

(as I understand it, which could easily be wrong...) the only downside to
the xsl:fallback method is that your stylesheet is bigger, which means it
will take longer to parse, and the xsl:fallback bit could take more time.
    however, if you're really concerned about performance, than you could
always have a doc-logic.xsl that would give you the bare-bones version.

it just seems to me this approach is more flexible, and will be easier for
the average user to do (hopefully meaning they'll be more likely to actually
do it -- I'm far too lazy to preprocess my stylesheets.)

Imran Rashid

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