Re: XSLNS Issues in IE5.5

Subject: Re: XSLNS Issues in IE5.5
From: "Steven Livingstone" <s.livingstone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 11:37:56 +0100
That *is* strange.
I can only guess internal politics pushed IE5.5 out the door before the
MSXML3 parser was released. Probably sue in IE 6.0 which will probably be
out by year end.

It at least shows they are trying to get MSXML 3 right before it goes out
which can only be a good thing !!

Due to the differences in the XSL used, it's probably safer to generate HTML
from server transforms anyway.


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Subject: RE: XSLNS Issues in IE5.5

> > If I replace the first line in the xsl file below with the
> > following line,
> > then I see nothing when I view the XML file in IE5.5
> >
> > <HTML xmlns:xsl="";>
> >
> > I am running IE 5.5 production version (just downloaded today) and my
> > MSXML3.dll is dated 5/9/00.
> For some reason best known to Microsoft, IE5.5 still doesn't include
> for XSLT as standard, only for Microsoft's old proprietary XSL dialect.
> still need to download the MSXML3 technology preview separately. And they
> still don't make this clear to users, which is why the question still gets
> asked three times a day on this list.
> Mike Kay
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