[Announce] XSLTC 0.3 (C++ stylesheet compiler)

Subject: [Announce] XSLTC 0.3 (C++ stylesheet compiler)
From: ogerardin.cs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 14:47:51 +0200
XSLTC is an XSLT stylesheet compiler, based on TransforMiix. 

XSLTC takes as input an XSLT stylesheet, and generates C++ code. The
executable that is generated from this code is expected to have the same
behaviour as the source stylesheet when run through an XSLT processor, only
much faster. 

Consider XSLTC as just a little bit more than a proof of concept. However,
it works, it implements about 95% of the functionalities implemented in
TransforMiix, and it's about 70% faster. Optimization is the next step. 

I might also add that I had started this work before I had ever heard of
Sun's "translets", which are Java bytecode-compiled stylesheets. 

XSLTC is available in C++ source form from

XSLTC is licensed under the Mozilla Public Licence 1.1 

Feedback welcome.
Olivier Gerardin <ogerardin@xxxxx> 

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