Re[2]: MSXML3 Namespace confusing

Subject: Re[2]: MSXML3 Namespace confusing
From: Serg Stone <serg_stone@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 09:24:52 +0400

JA> has some info.  you should look at xsl:sort as
JA> a compliant way to replace order-by, then you can
JA> use just one namespace.  If possible, you should
JA> phase out use of the TR/WD namespace since it is
JA> now outdated and noncompliant.

JA> I am currently trying to collect a list of
JA> WD-xsl (MSXSL IE5 dialect) elements that have
JA> been dropped in favor of newer W3C items in
JA> the new MSXML3 processor versions.  I'll add
JA> a chart of these in the FAQ when I get a good
JA> list.  Also, the FAQ has a pointer to a converter
JA> which will convert old stylesheets to the new syntax
JA> which might be able to help you.

That's good. But again if I use only 1999/XSL/Transform namespace I
cannot use necessary function
Is this function also old style?
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