Re: MSXML3 Namespace confusing

Subject: Re: MSXML3 Namespace confusing
From: "Raimond Brookman" <nucleon@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 13:49:36 +0200

With the XSLT 1.0 namespace :
Order by has been replaced with xsl:sort, with is better, because you can
sort on multiple fields....


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Subject: RE: MSXML3 Namespace confusing

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> Subject: MSXML3 Namespace confusing
> Hi, everybody!
> I'm confusing with the namespaces which are used by MSXML.
> They say their program support both
> ""; and
> ""; namespaces.
> How can I use both of them?
> If I use first one I cannot run function
> "format-number(sum(/st/stb/str/c12),'0.000')"
> With the second one I can but "order-by" doesn't work properly (or
> doesn't work at all).
> So I have to use both of them. How?

You can only use one of them in the stylesheet, so use the
standard-conforming one ("";). BTW:
order-by has been replaced by the xsl:sort element.

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