Subject: RE: WYSIWYG XSL Editors
From: "Pawson, David" <DPawson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 10:49:48 +0100
 Wendell Piez

> >what text editor are you using?
> I'm using TextPad from Helios software ( It's
> pretty nice if you run Windows are are e-macs deficient like 
> myself. And
> you can't beat the price: until you decide to pay the 
> US$27.00, it's just
> nagware. The configuration is home-cooked.
> Of course, I'm told that e-macs is far superior, and I 
> believe Mulberry has
> an e-macs mode for xsl available (check the site).

You surprise me Wendell!
(I'm guessing you don't sit next to Tony, or I'm sure he would
have converted you :-)

Tony Grahams xsl mode for emacs makes it a dream to use for xsl.
The saving on typing is worth the effort alone!
And as for balanced indents/tags I have it as nearing essential!

I had to spend a few days with the O'Reilly emacs book,
(Learning GNU Emacs)
but once I had psgml set up,
Tony's xsl mode is a dream come true!

psgml setup is made easier by Marcus 'idiot guide'

Avoid RSI, use emacs!

Regards DaveP

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