RE: Formatting elements

Subject: RE: Formatting elements
From: sara.mitchell@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 12:28:00 -0400
I agree, this is something that 'ought' to appear as a 
design pattern -- perhaps with some demonstrations to 
back it up. I've talked DTD design principles with 
several programmers who come from a data-background or 
are familiar with HTML (which does very little of this)
and they are very suspicious (or incredulous) of the
idea of adding wrapper elements. (In some cases, I 
literally think they didn't respond because their
initial reaction seemed impolite!)

It goes against the grain of their experience, but it 
can literally be a huge improvement both in simplifying 
the stylesheet and sometimes in improving response time 
(this one is _really_ counter-intuitive). 


>DaveP wrote: (snipped)
> Often one additional wrapper in the source XML makes all the 
> difference in the world to the ease of processing via XSLT.
>  To be able to sit (sorry, template match) on the wrapper, and play
> with the children (??) of that wrapper is a piece of cake compared
> to matching on one of many, and chasing along the axis to do 
> something.
> There's a design pattern here... somewhere.
> DaveP
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