Copying and transforming/Recursion?

Subject: Copying and transforming/Recursion?
From: Jeff Saylor <JSaylor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 14:45:02 -0400
Starting with: 

      <submittedValue fieldname='title'>mr.</submittedValue>

        title:<input type='text' fieldname='title' value=''/>

Effectively, I want to use the <submittedValue>'s text with the matching (by
@fieldname) <display>'s <input> to get:
      title:<input type='text' fieldname='title' value='mr.' />

this involves outputting the <display> tag, and its contents, while
selectively transforming an element within them - I can not figure out a way
to do this.  I am thinking copy-of and recursive templates would do the
trick, but I can't get a grasp on how to do it...

Much appreciation in advance for any and all input - cheers, 
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