ANN: "Building Oracle XML Applications" (Book, O'Reilly)

Subject: ANN: "Building Oracle XML Applications" (Book, O'Reilly)
From: "Steve Muench" <smuench@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2000 21:30:55 -0700
Fellow XML and XSLT enthusiasts,

The new book "Building Oracle XML Applications" from O'Reilly is now
available (ISBN: 1565926919). A complete overview of its contents is
at as well as a complete
sample chapter, "Transforming XML Using XSLT".

The book assumes you know a little SQL and either Java or PL/SQL, but
does not assume you know anything about XML, XSLT, or XPath and
includes solid, pragmatic introductions. Besides the core introduction
to XSLT in Chapter 7 and the "XSLT Beyond the Basics" in Chapter 9,
the book abounds with examples of using XSLT and database-driven XML
content in 10 of the 17 chapters. The book ships with a free
developer's copy of the Oracle JDeveloper 3.1 Java IDE (for Win
NT/2000) for more easily working through all of the examples.

The book's examples and explanations teach you...

-> What the XML, XSLT, and XPath standards are for, how they relate,
   and how to apply them to Oracle database-driven XML for the Web.

-> How to produce XML of any desired structure from database data and
   how to store XML of any structure into normalized database tables
   for further processing.

-> How to use Oracle's built-in "XSQL Pages" server templates to
   combine SQL, XML, and XSLT to publish information in any XML, HTML,
   or Text-based format for offline or Web delivery.

-> How to use Java and PL/SQL to programmatically create, transform,
   search, process, enqueue, dequeue, post, and retrieve XML, both
   from inside and outside the database by exploiting the Oracle XDK

-> How to search over millions of XML documents or document fragments
   stored in the database using Oracle's "interMedia" XML-savvy
   document searching facilities

Advanced topics include:

-> Using XSLT keys like database functional indexes to improve XSLT
   transformation performance.

-> Using XSLT in combination with JTidy to dynamically aggregate data
   from existing HTML-based web services

-> Building an XMLLoader utility to insert XML files of arbitrary size
   into any number of database tables.

-> Building stylesheets that create stylesheets, and using stylesheets
   to generate colorful SVG charts from database data.

-> Writing and debugging XSLT extension functions and XSQL action
   handlers in Java.

-> Building a database-driven portal site with per-user customization
   and building a completely XSLT-driven online discussion forum
Steve Muench, Lead XML Evangelist & Consulting Product Manager
BC4J & XSQL Servlet Development Teams, Oracle Rep to XSL WG
Author "Building Oracle XML Applications", O'Reilly

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