Simple problem??

Subject: Simple problem??
From: "Tomas Aspelin \(SIX\)" <tomas.aspelin@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 02:01:26 +0200
Hi everyone

I have a small problem that i need help with. I want to select 
the content of an element with a specified id and move it to 
another element with the same id. Can someone tell me how to 
do this?

My XML looks something like this.

   <product ID="1">prod_one</product>
   <product ID="2">prod_two</product>
   <product ID="3">prod_three</product>
   <product ID="4">prod_four</product>


   <name ID="1"><name>
   <name ID="2"><name>
   <name ID="3"><name>
   <name ID="4"><name>

So, I want to copy the name of <product> "prod_one" with id="1" to 
the element <name> in <content> that has the same id as the product. 


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