RE: Which engine? (RE: JavaScript and XSL)

Subject: RE: Which engine? (RE: JavaScript and XSL)
From: "Pollington, Lee (ELSLON)" <lee.pollington@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 10:37:42 +0100
I may be wrong but I thought it also introduced it's own elements into the
XSL namespace - that's not very conformant is it?

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 From: David Schach [mailto:davidsch@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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 Subject: RE: Which engine? (RE: JavaScript and XSL)
 Microsoft's latest xml product, msxml3, implements a compliant and high
 performance XSLT processor.  
 Kevin Jones has compared the performance of most of the XSL 
 processors. His
 results are available at
 David Schach
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 From: Pollington, Lee (ELSLON) [mailto:lee.pollington@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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 Subject: Which engine? (RE: JavaScript and XSL)
 I am currently putting some recommendations together for my 
 company as to
 which parsers & XSLT engines we should use. Now I'd love not 
 to recommend
 MSXML as from what I have seen it does not implement XSLT. 
 However the need
 for speed is always thrown back. That's an argument in itself, I prefer
 early rendering and/or caching, but there can be times you 
 need to parse &
 transform on the fly.
 I suppose XT might be a compromise, however I don't believe it is 100%
 compliant (please correct me). Really I'd like to use Saxon as 
 it is well
 supported and has excellent compliance and error messages, but 
 is a little
 If anyone has any comments or suggestions as to criteria or arguments
 (details as opposed to "it's bad") I can use then please let me know.
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  From: Kay Michael [mailto:Michael.Kay@xxxxxxx]
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  Subject: RE: JavaScript and XSL
  > I am a newbie, so please excuse my ignorance.  Yes, I have 
  > read lots and lots.
  I hope you have read
  Generally if you ask questions about the Microsoft dialect of 
  XSL on this
  list, the response you get is "upgrade to XSLT".
  Mike Kay
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  > <xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="";>
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