RE: Xalan namespace problem

Subject: RE: Xalan namespace problem
From: Dinesh Ajmera <dinesh@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 16:45:26 -0700
Thanks, Mike and Bruce. Now I know the solution to the problem both the
ways. I mean, I also got the answer to how to make IE work with the
Transform namespace.


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Subject: RE: Xalan namespace problem

> I am using an xsl file with the namespace 
> "";, and
> when I use it with IE-5, it rocks! But when I use that with 
> Xalan processor,
> it gives an error saying "version attribute required for the 
> stylesheet".

This namespace (despite appearances) refers to a Microsoft-proprietary
dialect of XSL based on a heavily modified version of an early W3C draft.
No-one except Microsoft supports it. All other processors, including Xalan,
support the W3C XSLT definition and use the W3C XSLT namespace.

The reason for the error message is that it's quite legitimate to have any
element you like as the outermost element of a stylesheet, but if it's
anything other than <xsl:stylesheet> with xsl set to the approved XSLT
namespace, then there must be an xsl:version attribute in the XSLT

Mike Kay 

P.S. I think I now know that when an American says of software that "it
rocks", they regard this as a good thing. I had previously assumed the
opposite, since it sounds rather wobbly.

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