[xsl] RE: MSXML ancestor-or-self

Subject: [xsl] RE: MSXML ancestor-or-self
From: "Michael Kay" <mhkay@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 11:51:16 -0000
> I just posted a single XPath expression. Do you thing it's
> wrong?
I'm sure you're right, I just found my brain hurting a bit on this one...
> Another question: Have you really changed ICL for SAG???

Yes, I joined Software AG on 1st February. I thought it would be a good idea
to start adding it to the sig as lots of people hadn't heard. Or were
confused because I'm continuing to use ICL as my ISP, even though they are
no longer my employer.

Mike Kay
Software AG
(also at Michael.Kay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

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