[xsl] Full Screen application to allow modification/entry of certain XML child node

Subject: [xsl] Full Screen application to allow modification/entry of certain XML child node
From: "Richard Benzell" <richard_benzell@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 05:37:54 -0000
Questions with developing a ?Full Screen? application to allow modification/entry of certain XML child node data.

I am trying to develop an XSL application that takes a list of data obtained in an XML response from an external ERP database query. My goal is to build a screen that has 1 to nnn screen lines of data, (not counting header/footer lines), corresponding to the number of items in a particular XML child node. I want to present the users with the ability to alter text values, click checkboxes and select pull-down menu options, for each line. I want this to be done in a Full-Screen mode.

Once the users enter the text, checkboxes and selection values for each line, I envision they would press the single ?Submit? button on the screen bottom just Once. This would take all the stuff the user entered/modified on any line, build an XML tree structure, and post it as an xmlstring value to a URL that is expecting that format. The backend software at that URL will then update the ERP database with the changes the user made, based on the XML document that was just posted to it.

So far, I?ve been able to build an XSL program that takes the original XML query response, builds a list on lines on the screen, and even shows input text fields on each line. But I am perplexed as to how I can efficiently take 1 to nnn (where nnn could anywhere to 100+) text fields, build an XML structure and then do the URL post. I?ve searched though various XSL archives and postings, but I cannot find a hint as to the appropriate way to do this.

To build the input screen, I suppose I could get XSL to loop through each element and generate text and check boxes with unique labels based on an incrementing loop counter. And I suppose I could have the ?submit? button initiate a program to build an xmlstring by ?hard-coding? concatenations of various xml tags the text box values. But it just seems to me that there must be a better and easier way to do this, that I just don't know about.

Anyway, can anyone point me in the right direction, or provide tips, comments, or sample code showing how this task could best be tackled in XSL???

And if someone knows of a site with Examples or FAQ?s regarding this XSL programming challenge, that would be great also.

Any help would be appreciated.



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