Re: [xsl] Baby steps

Subject: Re: [xsl] Baby steps
From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 14:51:45 -0400

Since XPath is part of XSL, we do answer XPath questions.

We're likely to be much less help on API questions. If it goes on much, we're even liable to complain (since no API is, as such, part of XSL).

In other words: your questions on XPath, if framed carefully to be platform- and API-neutral, are welcome. (That is, along the lines of, "my XML looks like this; if my context node is C, what does XPath d/e/f[g] get me?" or sth similar.) There must be a Xalan list (anyone?) for questions on how to use methods provided in Xalan to provide XPath support in Java. Most readers of this list aren't using Xalan (or any other *particular* processor): Xalans-specific questions are just spam to them (us).

The XSL-list-owner might have something to say on- or off-line about this: I'm answering only as an interested participant.


At 12:22 PM 8/8/01, you wrote:
Hi all,
          I just subscribed to the list and think i
would get a lot of help on this. Basically i want to
know if this site supports xpathapi questions.
  Can any body suggest me some nice sites which have
some good examples of java using xalan xpath .
               The examples given with xalan are not
sufficient to get my basics, basically i want to
modify an xml file ( add an element , update an
element , or remove an elelemnt) using xpath and java,
but i could not get enought help from the web i a am
new to xml and xsl stuff so any help i greatly

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