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Subject: RE: [xsl] XMLtoXML transformation
From: "Mitchell, Edmund" <EMitchell@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 12:36:32 -0700

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From: Kris Kolodziej [mailto:kkolodziej@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Thanks. That's what  I needed to know - if I can have multiple {}'s
within a <tag>.

Then all you had to do was ask :>)

The minx and miny transformation works. However, a new problem came up.
Within the <TEXT> tag I also want to include an attribute for label so
that the XSL would look like:
<TEXT coords="{/a/Box/@minx} {/a/Box/@miny}" label="label_name /XPath"/>

I am not getting the label in my output. WHy?

It's working for me.  If I run the same stylesheet that I gave you earlier, 
changing it only so that this line appears:
<TEXT coords="{/a/Box/@minx} {/a/Box/@miny}" label="label_name /XPath"/>
instead of the old:
<TEXT coords="{/a/Box/@minx} {/a/Box/@miny}"/>
then I get (using your same XML):

saxon ->java com.icl.saxon.StyleSheet test.xml eexsl.xsl
<TEXT coords="-71.88 41.14" label="label_name /XPath"/>
saxon ->

Are you saying that you don't want the "label_name /XPath" to appear?
If you want it to evaluate some XPath, like with the {/a/Box/@minx}, 
then you need to insert the correct XPath into the curly braces, 
and away you'll go.
If you need help with the XPath, then post your XML, and we'll go from
BTW, for practicing your XPath, there are some really great XPath
Visualizers you can download for free.  You load an XML document into
them, and type your XPath, and they'll highlight the nodes you would
have selected.  
The first one I ever saw is from Dimitre Novatchev, and it's at:
There is at least one more if you're on Linux, and it's at:


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