RE: [xsl] IE6

Subject: RE: [xsl] IE6
From: "Rene de Vries" <RdVries@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 11:35:35 +0200
Hi Chris,

I've the 8.10.8308.0 with my IE 5.5. I downloaded it from MS.

Greetings René
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Onderwerp: [xsl] IE6

I'm trying to work out what the situation is with ie6 as ms are keeping
quiet. Can you send me samples of files that don't work on ie6 please?

I have 3 different msxml3.dll's

Msxml3.dll from the msxml cab      8.0.7820.0

Clean win2000 with 1 week old ie6  8.20.8730.1

Ie6 shipped with .net b2           8.20.8430.0

I have another one on a ie5.5 box with build 8.10.8308.0 but I'm not
sure of it's exact origin.
Are there any other builds out there?? And if so what is their
To get the build # go to c:\winxx\system32\msxml3.dll rightclick choose
properties and click on the version tab.
I'd like to know if I should still recommend that people install the
separate msxml download.

Ciao Chris

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