[xsl] Counting Footnotes

Subject: [xsl] Counting Footnotes
From: "Nicholas Waltham" <info@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 11:29:02 +0200
Hello All,
 I have some XML which contains footnotes, these are in the style
<footnote>something</footnote> they
can appear anywhere in the source tree. I can create a link to them no
problem (the documents root element I push twice, once for the main body,
and again with a mode="footnote" to write out the footnotes out at the
bottom of the document. However, footnotes are usually numbered, I would
like to be able to number each footnote, in the text, and place the
corresponding number at the bottom of the text next to the footnote.

Could someone give me some indicators on how I might go about this?

Thanks in advance,
Nicholas Waltham

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