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Subject: perl & xslt - was -> RE: [xsl] passing variables to a stylesheet
From: "Robert Koberg" <rob@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 06:31:57 -0700
Hi - this conversation is really interesting to me. I have been struggling
with porting my web-app to different j2ee compliant servlet
containers/application servers. It is a pain for me.  I was wondering about
using perl to do/trigger the transform process. Everybody has a CGI bin :)
What does it take to make perl do what xalan (or saxon)/xerces do for me
now?  I was wondering if there was something like  a perl cocoon. I have
been lurking for a few days on what seems to be the main perl/xml mailing
list (perl-xml@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx). I have seen one implementation of
a xsl processor built in perl but the author says it is slow - haven't tried
it yet(

Are there definite leaders in this area?  Where is a good place to look for
info on perl and XSL/XML?  Does anyone have some simple examples?

How easy/likely is it to install something like Sablotron on a server not
under your control? Say, for example, the only thing you have access to is
the docroot and the cgi-bin thru FTP/SSH?

thanks for any information!

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> yes, completely possible,
> depends on which parser and perl interface your are using.
> for example which is a mod_perl app allows for the vars to be
> passed on the URL.
> please give us some more information ? maybe we can help.
> cheers, jim fuller
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> Subject: [xsl] passing variables to a stylesheet
> > can anyone help.
> >
> > Is it possible to send a variable to a stylesheet from a perl module
> >
> > What i would like to do if possible is, when a error occurs in
> one of the
> > perl modules it calls the xml document, which contains all the
> information
> > about possible errors.I would want to pass a variable to the xsl file so
> > that it selects the correct error information based on the
> variable passed
> > in, and then displays the information to html
> >
> > I don't know if this is possible, but if anyone has any ideas i would be
> > extremely grateful
> >
> > Ian
> >
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